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Christmas Gift Guide Part 1

Hi Guys,

The Christmas season is in full swing and all the hustle and bustle of the high street won’t go away anytime soon. If you are organized and have all of your gifts bought well done! (Not in the slightest bit jealous!) For those of you like me, who still need to get a few more gifts, I have some great gift ideas on what to get the ladies, the foodies and the kids (big and small) in your life!  (more…)

Valentines Gift Guide: For that special someone

Hi Guys!

While I usually write about menswear its coming close to that time of year where florists and card companies around the world make a small fortune! So to help you guys out here is my gift guide for that special someone in your life for this upcoming valentines.

All these gifts have different price ranges so this will help cover all budgets depending on how crazy you want to go!!

Under €25

This my seem like a cheap way out but some people don’t like to spend a lot on valentines day due to the it being a “hallmark holiday” but sometimes the best gifts are the thoughtful ones that don’t cost a lot. One example is that I gave my now fiancé a frame with pictures of the two of us and the kids. She absolutely loved it and it didn’t cost the earth. So here are some frames from Heatons that could do the trick.

Other stores that have a good homeware section will have similar frames and your local pharmacy and supermarket should be able to help you print those special photos that help make this present special.

Buying lingerie can be a touchy subject especially when it comes to buying sizes and styles! Make sure you buy something she likes and not something that you like! Even though it sounds creepy, have a quick peek at her underwear collection for sizes. If you buy the items too big or too small then you are in for a bad night before you even start!!

Here is a post from the Primark/ Penneys website to give you an idea of their available styles.,lingerie-for-every-side-of-you

Here is some of the collection available from Dunnes Stores nationwide and online


In my eyes this tends to be the most normal price range for valentines gifts so this tends to vary from jewellery to clothes to handbags etc. Again here are some stylish options available for you to treat your loved ones.


A personal favourite of mine to buy and what tends to go down well with most women (don’t kill me if i’m wrong!) is Newbridge Jewellery. It is reasonably priced and it is absolutely beautiful! Here are some to help you with this decision.


Again another touchy subject when buying for women is clothes. You need to familiarise yourself with her sizes so that even if she doesn’t like it you didn’t buy it too big or too small. Here are some classic pieces that should win you brownie points as they will never go out of fashion.

€100 and over

Right guys with this price range we are heading into designer handbag territory! For most men this is where they don’t like going but have to do it every so often depending on their girlfriend/partner/wife’s taste. I’m sure the name MIchael Kors has been mentioned to you a lot in the last 6 months. Here are some of his bags in classic colours that go with pretty much everything.

Well I hope that this has been of help to all of you guys out there and let me know how it goes for you! I’m off to Marrakesh for Valentines so let me know what your plans are!


Gift Guide: Football Fanatics

Hi Guys

Seeing as football/soccer is one of the best supported sports in the world, surely every one of us knows someone who loves the game and follows their favourite team. Being a Liverpool fan myself I know that every Christmas or birthday someone gets you something linked with your favourite team. Usually its a mug, a scarf, a book or if you are really lucky maybe even one of the new jerseys that comes out each season. But as we get that little bit older it is because less acceptable to wear your favourite teams jersey out in public. The exception to this is attending one of your teams games or if you are watching a game with your local supporters club. So I am going to look at suitable gifts that are not only stylish, but also help you proudly support your team and still look good.

Liverpool FC

Lets be honest, I was always going to start with my favourite team. While the team may not be doing so well at the moment that is no excuse for any Liverpool fan to under perform when it comes to the style stakes. The LFC online store has a wide number of stylish options available to fans but I have chosen five items that I think would be great additions to any wardrobe.

The last chance for guaranteed Christmas delivery for the rest of the world is the 19th of December so act fast!!

Arsenal FC

Here is another well supported team globally, and seeing as they are based in London, one of the worlds most stylish city there is no excuse for them to be shown the red card!

There was no Christmas delivery information available on the website, but I would advise to order any items as soon as possible to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

Manchester United

Another of one of the worlds most supported teams with plenty to offer on and off the pitch. Here is some items to consider for any red devil in your life.

Christmas delivery information: only specified for the United Kingdom so again order asap to avoid disappointment.

Chelsea FC

Finally, we head back to London to one of the more expensive areas in the city. Despite Chelsea being an expensive area the prices for the items I have chosen are quite reasonable. So go treat the Chelsea fan in your life and hopefully they wont be left feeling blue.

Once again there was no Christmas delivery information, so order asap to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I also hope it has helped you pick out a gift for a loved one this Christmas. Please feel free to leave feedback and any suggestions on what you would like to see in the future let me know.


(Images copyright of Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC and the Premier League)