Get the Look: Darren Kennedy

Hi Guys,

We all need a bit of style inspiration every now and then, don’t we? So I thought who better to look to than Irish style guru Darren Kennedy. I am a big fan of Darren’s style, whether he is suited and booted or dressed casually, he is always on point. Darren had some fantastic looks during London Collections:Men back in January. This look in particular really stood out for me as it is a perfect example of how to master layering during winter.  (more…)


Happy Birthday Dapper Dave Cash!!

Hi Guys!

I am so proud to say that my little blog Dapper Dave Cash has turned 1 today! I know I make it sound like a child, but it kinda is! If you haven’t already guessed in the last year, I love fashion! The last year has been incredible! If you had told me that I would meet one of my idols, be part of a fashion and beauty panel at the Irish Bloggers Conference and be feature in Ireland’s leading mens fashion magazine MFI, I would have laughed at you straight away! Luckily enough for me, all these things have happened and the last one will happen later this month. (more…)

Bitten by the Bulldog!

Hi guys!

Just to start the post off, firstly I haven’t been bitten by an actual bulldog and secondly this isn’t a sponsored post. I have bought the products myself after reading about them in various magazines such as GQ, Esquire etc so I had an interest in trying them out.

Around the end of June, I started using Bulldog skin care products as I had heard a lot about them through various outlets such as bloggers, magazines etc. So when I was going through my local Tesco one day I saw that these particular products were on special offer. (more…)