Mallzee: The Tinder of Shoppi

Hi Guys

I came across this app recently called Mallzee. Mallzee is an Edinburgh based personal shopping app that picks your clothes for you based on your personal preferences. You can search for numerous brands available to you such as Reiss, Topman, River Island, French Connection etc. You create your own account where you can save your favourite items and also share your favourite items to your preferred social media platform i.e Twitter, Facebook etc. As I stated in the title I called it the Tinder of shopping this is because it matches your style to your preferences just like Tinder. Another similarity between the apps is the similarity of how you choose your favourites because you swipe left for the items you dont like and you swipe right for the items you do like. Your personal taste is calculated this way to give you an almost accurate reading of what you like.


  1. It’s free
  2. Easy to use
  3. High number of brands on offer
  4. Compatible with social network sites for interaction with friends
  5. You can make your own style feeds
  6. Notifications when items you like drop in price


  1. Not all brand available to search
  2. Only available on Ios and not Google play store

Overall Rating: 8.5

Having downloaded Mallzee and used for a substantial number of hours I found that it was very easy to use, has a very basic concept which is easy to follow and does exactly what it is intended for. I gave it an 8.5 because like I said earlier it is only available on Ios and that not all brands are on it but there is still plenty to choose from in the database provided. I would recommend this app for all fashion enthusiasts.

Please feel free to leave feedback on what you liked or didn’t like about this blog post or anything that you would like to see on Dapper Dave Cash


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