Style Stories: Damien Broderick

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to bring you a new feature to Dapper Dave Cash. I am going to be running a series of blog posts called Style Stories. I got the idea for the series from my friend Rebecca O’Byrne from well-known blog Haute So Fabulous. Rebecca recently ran a competition with Farfetch, a luxury online store. In the intro explaining the competition it said that we all have a Style Story, it just needs to be told. In this series I will be collaborating with Male Fashion Bloggers from Ireland and the United Kingdom to tell their Style Stories.

Today I am going to start the series by telling the Style Story of 23-year-old Dublin Blogger, Damien Broderick of Damien M Broderick. I have met Damien recently at the Irish Bloggers Conference and if you follow him already, you will already know that he has great style and impeccable taste in Mens Fashion. Enough of my babbling I am going to let Damien tell you his Style Story.

When did you know you were interested in fashion?
A) I knew I was interested in fashion from a young age. I then studied photography and that gave me an insight to fashion and I was hooked, I found my own style and educated myself.

Who is your Style Icon?
A) My style Icon would most definitely be ether David Gandy or Johannes Huebl, you can see they both have similar style by mixing tones, very tailored and elegant. They are modern gentlemen.

image1 image2

Aside from celebrities, fashionistas, etc who is your biggest fashion influence? i.e dad, mum, friend etc.
A) Good question, to be honest my mam and dad don’t dress “fashionable”. My grandfather wore a grey suit and tie every single day, even after he retired. I love that about him. I think I get my personality and morals from my dad, but my grandfather is my style inspiration.

What do your family and Friends think about your style?
A)  Most of the time they think I dress well. But as I said they’re not very fashionable, so something’s I wear they question. But sure, so does everyone else.
Doesn’t bother me.
First they laugh then they copy. So they say.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?
A) My favourite item, good question. It would be either my grey tweed suit or my white shirts. I’ve got somewhat of a reputation for the white shirt. I’ve about 16/17 of them and always 1 not opened. If I open the brand new one I’ll go out and buy another.


What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe?
A) My favourite outfit. I’d say it would be either of the two below. First is a blue hue type outfit. Navy denim from h&m blue shirt from m&s blazer from Zara and boots from ASOS. It’s smart clean classy but casual.


With the same shirt jeans and boots. I went for a cardigan from new look and trench. Just adding a little layer on a colder day can really bring a look to life.


What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have made?
Hmm, I’d say when I was younger. I dressed like a rapper and then grew out of that and dressed like a member of fall out boy in their prime.
Thankfully I’ve no photographic evidence.

Have you ever kept an item of clothing due to sentimental value? if so what is it and why did you keep it?
A) Yes and no. Clothing I wear everyday I don’t get attached too. Every time I wear something I turn the hanger to face the other way. In 6 months any hanger facing the wrong way gets thrown out. If I haven’t put it on in 6 months I’m never going to again.
The only thing I keep are old football shirts. I’ve 3 huge bags of them, old United and Celtic shirts as well as all the past teams I’ve played for myself.

Has social media affected your style in any way since the creation of instagram, pinterest etc?
A) I’d say yes. It has helped me find my style and go beyond just wearing a suit, helps me find smaller independent brands, and gives me ideas on what people are doing. Colour and patterns. Outfits they’re putting together.
Unfortunately I’m not a super rich Italian tailor wearing a different Rolex to post up on Instagram everyday. But it’s nice to look at.

Tie or Bow tie?
A) Tie, everyday of the year. I have worn a bow tie. But I find a tie is more elegant, classy you can tie it different ways and they have different textures.
Although the bow tie does have its place in the world. Wouldn’t be wearing a tie with a tux now, would you?

Brogues or Boots?
A) Both. Personally I wear boots/loafers or shoes more. But I think every man should have a pair of brogues and boots.

Navy or Grey Blazer?
A) Every man should have both but of stuck for one go for light grey, you can wear it with navy, black or brown. So it’s more versatile.
Shopping smart is an investment.

Jeans or Chinos?
A) I’m more of denim guy myself. I do own chinos. But if I’m not wearing slacks I’ll be wearing jeans.

Final Question If you could locked into a High St store for a late night after hours shopping spree which one would it be and why?
A) Does Brown Thomas count as a high street store? If so I have two words why, TOM FORD!
If that doesn’t count. I’d say Topman, huge selection of formal wear and accessories from pocket squares to shoes.

Thank you Damien for your fantastic answers. I hope you guys enjoyed that and hopefully you will come back next friday for the next post in the Style Stories series. You can follow Damien on

FacebookDamien M Broderick

Twitter: @BroderickDamien

Instagram: DamienBroderick

Snapchat: Damien_b13


See you guys soon,


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