Style Stories: Alexander Lawrence

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Welcome to the latest edition of Style Stories. This week I will be interviewing Alexander Lawrence a mens fashion blogger based in Dublin. Alexander’s blog is called The Male-ing List. Alex is currently a fashion student and the aim for his blog is simple. To create a platform that appeals to men, where they are able to catch up on the latest menswear fashion news, trends and everything menswear. Now I’m going to let Alexander tell you his style story.

When did you know you were interested in fashion?
I’ve been interested in fashion since my teens. I use to stay up late watching my brother make his collection for college helping with steaming and cutting.
Who is your Style Icon?
A tough question because there are so many! I have a number of people’s styles I love depending on the look im going for. I love Harry Styles look mostly because it’s so similar to my own! Skinny jeans and Chelsea boots is my go to look. Nick Grimshaw is another person I love because he experiments a lot and his leather jackets and coat selection is unbelievable. I like people like Theo Hutchcraft, David Beckham, Jim Chapman, Mark Ronson… oh so many!
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Aside from celebrities, fashionistas, etc who is your biggest fashion influence? i.e dad, mum, friend etc. 
I’m mostly influenced from people I pass on the street. Dublin’s menswear scene is gradually getting better. I see a number of people everyday and find something I like in their outfit.
What do your family and think about your style?
Honestly I’m not too sure, it’s not something I talk to them about. I wear what I feel but I haven’t go any complaints from them yet so… they like it? let’s go with that!
What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?
Hmm.. I have a really nice burgundy bomber jacket from H&M that I love but never wear! I also love my collection of granddad collar shirts but Id have to pick my trench coat from ASOS. I love trench coats, they keep you looking cool and complements the rest of your outfit.
asos trench
What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe? 
When I’m unsure of what to wear I always go for something casual and simple. My Cheap Monday skinny jeans are the perfect fit and paired with a crisp white tee (H&M’s basics are great) and classic denim shirt from COS. I finish the look off with my classic Doc Martens or my brown suede Chelsea boots from Topman.
What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have made? 
I wore a low v-neck t-shirt from Topman back in the height of my teens! I quickly put a scarf on for the night to hide the fact i realised it looked ridiculous.
Have you ever kept an item of clothing due to sentimental value? if so what is it and why did you keep it?
YES, many.. I have a number of my dads shirts which I want to get fitted to my size. I have a really cool patterned shirt that I want to start adding into my outfits.
Has social media affected your style in any way since the creation of instagram, pinterest etc? 
In a minor way, yes. Having constant feeds of people I follow influences my style sometimes. If I see something I think fits my style, i’ll try it. I always try choose items that I think will work for me but that doesn’t mean I’ll shy away from trying a bold print.
Tie or Bow tie?
 I love a bow tie but I’m going to have to say tie. I love a classic skinny tie. I also love knitted ties to switch up your look.
Brogues or Boots?
Brogues. A gentleman can never have too many pairs of brogues. Topman do a great brogue that is easy on the wallet. I also have my eye on a pair of Church’s!
Navy or Grey Blazer?
I’m a big fan of a navy blazer. A great alternative to your go-to black blazer. A wardrobe essential.
Jeans or Chinos?
Jeans always! Nothing better than the perfect pair of black skinny jeans
Final Question If you could locked into a High St store for a late night after hours shopping spree which one would it be and why?
Zara. One of the best high street stores there is. Love their designs and their collection campaigns! Also their homeware is at another level.
Thanks Alexander for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure and follow Alexander on the following social media platforms
Twitter: @themaleinglist
Instagram: themaleinglist
Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy!
Image credits: Google, Pinterest, ASOS

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