Style Stories: Ian Megrath

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the fourth edition of Style Stories. This week I will be interviewing Ian Megrath. Ian is a Mens Fashion blogger from Northern Ireland. Ian’s blog is called Rogues & Brogues. Like Adam Walker in a previous Style Story(see here) Ian is one of the first mens fashion bloggers I followed on twitter when I started blogging last September. My future wife thought Ian was my doppelgänger when she saw his photo. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

r&b dapper dave

Without further delay I will let Ian tell you his Style Story.

When did you know you were interested in fashion?

Probably as I entered high school. On the few non-uniform days, when most of my classmates used this chance to wear tracksuits or the latest Kickers sweatshirts, I always made sure I wore something nobody else would have worn. I was the only kid in chinos and desert boots at the school disco.

1463639_624981450885070_1018935153_n 10262267_274764906028215_3347480392686453756_n 1

Who is your Style Icon?

Can this be fictional? I have a soft spot for Ben Wyatt from Parks & Recreation. He has this accidentally cool geek look, lots of checked shirts, knitted ties and member’s only jackets.

Aside from celebrities, fashionistas, etc who is your biggest fashion influence? i.e dad, mum, friend etc. 

My dad was something of a style god in his day, but as a kid I only ever remember him in his work clothes and I know he had 2 ties, a black one for funerals and a blue one for any other formal occasion.

What do your family and think about your style?

I think they were slightly bemused by it at first. I remember asking for a navy satin shirt – not something many 14 year old would request. I’m proud to be asked for style advise from my friends and family so I take that as a sign of acceptance and respect.


What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

A classic white cotton Oxford shirt from Uniqlo. It is the perfect off-duty piece, works with jeans and chinos and will never go out of style. Plus, it cost under £20 and has lasted me over 3 years of regular wear!

What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe?

Probably based around that shirt, I often pair it with a waistcoat and jeans. I find a waistcoat changes the usual silhouette and bridges the gap between casual and formal.

1977392_251974261640613_343659390_n 1

What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have made?

There are many MANY examples. My formative fashion years were the early 00’s – a period of time with a lot of questionable trends such as cargo pants, sleeveless t-shirts and super-spiked hair. I am guilty of all of these things.

Have you ever kept an item of clothing due to sentimental value? if so what is it and why did you keep it?

I am a terrible hoarder, sometimes in the hope they will fit me again, sometimes because they remind me of a special event. I have a pair of Converse trainers pushing 7 years old. The sole is split, the inner is worn away and they should have been thrown away years ago. They’ve been worn on day trips and nights out, they’ve travelled the world and walked familiar streets.

Has social media affected your style in any way since the creation of instagram, pinterest etc?

Instagram and Pinterest is in equal parts inspiring and frustrating. I find something I like and then remember I’m never going to be as cool at the original wearer.

Tie or Bow tie? 

As much as I love a bow tie, I would go for tie. I’m too round for a bow tie so need a tie to lengthen my torso.

Brogues or Boots?

My blog is called Rogues+Brogues, what do you think?

Navy or Grey Blazer?

This is too hard! They are both the right answer. But I think I’d go for navy as I wear denim more than anything else.

Jeans or Chinos? 

Another tough choice, but I’d go with jeans. While they may not always be the most appropriate thing to wear in some situations, at least your outfit will be memorable!

Final Question If you could locked into a High St store for a late night after hours shopping spree which one would it be and why?

H&M – have been in love with the shop since I first went to it when I moved to Nottingham in 2001. There were no H&M stores at all in Ireland so when I returned home on visits, I always had something nobody else had. I can almost always find something when I go shopping, however, as a small-statured man, I do resent the fact that all their jeans have a 34” inseam.

Thanks to Ian for answering my questions. I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Style Stories. As usual next Friday there will be another edition of Style Stories.


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