Style Stories: Karl Bowe

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Welcome to this weeks installment of Style Stories! This week I will be interviewing Karl Bowe otherwise known as Mr Ireland 2014! The first time I saw Karl was at the Bride of the Year show back in January when he had the pleasure of escorting the Mother of the Brides, who won a makeover on the day of the show! Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting Karl at a number of events recently and I found him to be a really sharp dresser and an all round great guy! Karl is also a model and an actor and I’m sure some of you have seen him on TV3’s Red Rock or ITV’s Take Me Out. I’m now going to let Karl tell his style story.

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When did you know you were interested in fashion?
I first knew I was interested in Fashion when I was a part of a boy band several years ago called Element. We auditioned for X-Factor on three consecutive occasions from 2010-2012 and even though it technically is a singing competition it’s always good to dress to impress by standing out and dressing to co-ordinate with the other band mates. That’s when I developed an interest in Fashion.
Who is your Style Icon?
My Style Icon is between 2 people, Peter Andre and Mariano di Vaio. Peter is more smart casual i.e leather jacket, tight jeans, shirt, waistcoat etc where Mariano, being a model, wears well fitted suits and has that continental look.
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Aside from celebrities, fashionistas, etc who is your biggest fashion influence? i.e dad, mum, friend etc. 
One of the guys by the name of Kevin who was in the band with me has very good style. He and I always complimented each other fashion wise whenever we performed on stage with Element or just simply on a night out
What do your family and think about your style?
My family love my style because they know I have loved bright, eccentric colours from an early age so that’s what I try to bring in with my style for whenever I am on a shoot, or going for a casting, audition etc.
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What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why? 
My favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe has to be my Pink Blazer. I love it because it’s so unique yet it can go with any type of jeans that I have, you can also wear it with a t-shirt or shirt.
What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe? 
A company by the name of Collar & Cuff supply me with my suits for when I competed at Mr. World in 2014 so I would have to say any of their suits are my favourite outfits because they look so sharp but feel like they are pyjamas they are that comfortable. Collar & Cuff are based in Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have made? 
Probably when we auditioned for X-Factor in 2010 and all of us looked like something from Sesame Street. I was wearing a wife beater vest under a baggy leather jacket with boot cut jeans and white suede shoes. It wasn’t a pretty sight.
Have you ever kept an item of clothing due to sentimental value? if so what is it and why did you keep it?
I have to say I wear nothing that is sentimental to me
Has social media affected your style in any way since the creation of instagram, pinterest etc?
Yes, social media definitely has helped. People have been very kind by complimenting my fashion through the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc by asking where I get my clothes from etc.
Tie or Bow tie? 
Brogues or Boots?
Navy or Grey Blazer?
Grey Blazer
Jeans or Chinos? 
Final Question If you could locked into a High St store for a late night after hours shopping spree which one would it be and why?
I would have to say Zara. I love that place. The clothes are so unique but well fitted and come in all different items of clothing.
I would like to thank Karl again for taking part and I would like to wish him all the best with his recent move to London and hopefully his career will flourish even more in the UK. You can follow Karl on
Twitter: @mrireland14
Instagram: karlbowe007
Hope you all enjoyed this edition and see you again next week for another edition of Style Stories.
Image credits: Karl Bowe, Collar and Cuff, & Pinterest

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