Bitten by the Bulldog!

Hi guys!

Just to start the post off, firstly I haven’t been bitten by an actual bulldog and secondly this isn’t a sponsored post. I have bought the products myself after reading about them in various magazines such as GQ, Esquire etc so I had an interest in trying them out.

Around the end of June, I started using Bulldog skin care products as I had heard a lot about them through various outlets such as bloggers, magazines etc. So when I was going through my local Tesco one day I saw that these particular products were on special offer. I thought to myself why not give them a go as they were reduced in price and it wasn’t going to hurt my pocket if I didn’t like them. I picked up the sensitive face wash, the original face scrub and moisturiser. I normally like to have them all the same type i.e original, sensitive, anti-ageing etc. but they weren’t available at the time.

Now to the review. I’ll start with the face wash, I’ll admit I haven’t been the biggest user of face washes in the past. I am normally rushing in the morning to get to work and my regular routine would be a face cloth and hot water, give the face a wash and that’s the job done.

photo 1 (12)

I knew that I would end up reviewing this product so I made sure I made time in the morning to use it properly so that I  would hopefully get the full effects from it. I have to say I found it a nice change from my regular routine of using a face cloth and hot water. It says on the front that it contains green tea and two essential oils which are cedar wood and patchouli oil. I looked into the benefits of these oils on your skin and there was so many I would need another blog post just to list them! Let’s just say it’s all good! I found the face wash a good alternative and found it to be not as rough on my skin. Priced at €6.69 I found it good value for money as I still have plenty left after using it for over a month. I would give it an 8/10.

Next up I tested the original face scrub. I would use face scrubs often because I find them good for keeping my beard clean and fresh. I found this scrub excellent as it uses oat kernels which are regularly used in any home-made face scrubs or masks. They really get in deep and provide a nice refreshing feeling after using it. There is 8 essential oils in the face scrub as opposed to the 2 in the face wash. Like the face wash there are many positives to having these essential oils in the face scrub. Shea butter is another great ingredient to have, as it adds a moisturising effect to the scrub leaving the skin feeling smooth after using the product. The only fault I found was that there was no scent which I would have expected from having Shea butter as an ingredient. It is priced at €8.69. Overall I would score this product 9/10.

photo 3 (11)

Finally we have the original moisturiser. Again I would be a regular user of moisturisers. I was also very happy with my purchase. Priced at €8.99 it was a bit pricier than brands like Nivea but it again proved value for money as I still have plenty left over after a month of use. Like the face scrub it contains 8 essential oils as well as green tea and vitamin E. I found it provided great hydration to my skin. It’s not very greasy, it dries quickly and it has a lovely citrus scent. The scent is because of the citrus peel oil contained in the moisturiser. So it is definitely a product I would recommend it. I would give this product a 9/10 also.

photo 2 (11)

Overall the Bulldog skin care range is a good as I have read about previously and the price makes it easily affordable for everyone. It’s available in all good Tesco, boots, Amazon and their website There is currently a special offer in Boots where there is 1/3 off all bulldog skin care products!

I hope you enjoyed the post and if you buy any of the bulldog skin care products let me know what you think.


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