Style Stories: Brendan Courtney

Hi Guys,

Welcome to another edition of Style Stories. I am really excited about this blog post, as I got the chance to quiz one of my style influences. As you can see from the title, it’s Brendan Courtney.

For those of you who don’t know Brendan (Shame on you if you don’t!), he is a stylist, TV presenter and one half of the fabulous women’s label Lennon Courtney

He is also part of the brains behind the Frockadvisor app, which helps independent boutiques connect with their customers through this app to help find what they are looking for. I consider Brendan a big influence on my style as I love how he keeps his style simple. He also isn’t afraid to add a pop of colour to his outfits.  I met Brendan for the first time when he was the guest of honour at Pat O’ Byrne Menswear’s  35th birthday celebration (see here). I got the chance to speak with him and pick his brain about fashion obviously! They say you should never meet your heroes, but this wasn’t the case with Brendan as I found him to be a gentleman and very easy to chat to. He has become a bigger hero of mine ever since that night and I am really happy that he decided to take part in Style Stories. Without further notice I am going to let Brendan tell his style story.


When did you know you were interested in fashion?
“From as far back as I can remember, I loved watching my mother put her make-up on. I loved the sense of a woman feeling beautiful, so I guess from a toddler.”
Who is your Style Icon?
“I don’t really have one to be honest. I like a lot of things, but I am very comfortable in my own skin and make my own choices based on very random influences.”
Aside from celebrities, fashionistas, etc who is your biggest fashion influence? i.e dad, mum, friend etc.
“MY MUM, Sonya Lennon, my boyfriend, my friends basically the people I love are my only influence.”
What do your family and friends think about your style?
“Sometimes a little weird, but it’s not at all. They’re just mental!”
What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why? 
“My navy crew neck sweater, of which I have about 20!”
What is your favourite outfit in your wardrobe? 
“All navy with a very smart ACNE crombie.”
What is the biggest fashion faux pas you have made?
“Tons, but life is like that! I once shaved my head except for a bleached blonde fringe!”
Have you ever kept an item of clothing due to sentimental value? If so what is it and why did you keep it?
 “Yes, just one thing. It was a knitted flapper dress I designed for my mum when I was 11. My aunt knitted it and it’s still stunning”
Has social media affected your style in any way since the creation of Instagram, Pinterest etc?
 “Not really, I have always loved Bill Cunningham and then The Sartorialist. I just get to access their work in a different way.”
 bill cunningham Scott Schuman
Tie or Bow tie?
 “Tie, bow ties are only for black tie.”
Brogues or Boots?
Navy or Grey Blazer?
Jeans or Chinos? 
Final Question If you could locked into a High St store for a late night after hours shopping spree which one would it be and why?
 “COS, it’s like it’s all designed for me!”
I would like to thank Brendan for taking part in Style Stories. I hope you guys enjoyed the style story of one of Ireland’s best dressed men! Let me know what answer you enjoyed the most.
Thanks again
Image Credit: The Huffington Post,,

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