Bachelor’s Box: Build a Box Review*

Hi Guys,

I was kindly presented the opportunity by Bachelors Box to test out their new build a box feature. This feature is to coincide with their subscription service that they plan to offer. All themed boxes are currently available as a once off purchase. I found this to be a great unique selling point, as I am unaware of any other men’s subscription services who offer this service. There are 3 editions to choose from. Edition 1, which I was given to test out is €29. Edition 2 is priced at €37 and edition 3 is €45.

In edition 1 you are given the choice of 1 knitted tie from a selection of 4, a polka dot pocket square in a choice of 3 colours. Next is a choice of another pocket square but from a wider range which include the 3 I previously mentioned. What I love about the pocket squares is that they are all named after characters from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Last up is a choice of 3 lapel pins each one a different colour.

Obviously the idea is the same for editions 2&3. In edition 2 you can choose an extra tie and in edition 3 you receive that extra tie, an extra pocket square and an extra lapel pin.

Here is what I chose:

Black Knit Tie

Cal’s Flowers Pocket Square

Jacobs Night Pocket Square

Red & Black Lapel Pins

If you want to check these out for yourself go to

To my own experience of the build a box service. First off, seeing as Bachelors Box is a start up company, I found the choice of ties and pocket squares was fantastic. I found that there was something to suit everyone’s taste. There was only 4 lapel pins to choose from. While the selection wasn’t huge, I know that lapel pins are not to everyone’s taste. Overall this might not be a bad thing. So I would give this area an 8/10.

The reason for this is because, while there is a good selection of ties and pocket squares. I just felt that there should have been a white pocket square, as it is a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. Also I think there should be some more patterned ties in the future, so that there is more of a selection.

I found the products to be of great quality. The knitted tie is of a very high quality, it is very durable and looks the part. I find this essential in any tie as it is important to me that it is solid so that it will sit when properly when tied. The pocket squares are made of 100% silk. These are so soft! You would almost think that you don’t have it in your pocket! I would usually buy a cotton pocket square as they are widely available pretty much everywhere. I noticed the difference straight away!

All of the pocket squares available are made of 100% silk and retail at a similar price to those on the high street, the pocket squares price point starts at €13. The lapel pins are quite solid so they shouldn’t fall apart easily and should also sit into place when fastened on to your blazer. Overall, I would give the product quality a 10/10.

On the website it says that delivery can take 1-3 working days. I ordered my box on a Sunday night and received it on Tuesday morning. I thought this to be really quick considering the problems that can happen when you order something over a weekend, it can take that little bit longer. I know rating delivery services can be hit or miss depending on everyone’s own experience. I have to give it 10/10 as it was super quick.

Overall I found that this is a great service and really looks like it will go places. This is because it has all the right tools for lasting success. Overall this idea is definitely a 9/10 because it is unique, has a price point to suit everyone’s budget and allows the customer to build something to suit their own style. This is much better than paying for a box with stuff that you won’t use.

More exciting news from Bachelors Box is that they are launching a new section of the website called The Pad on Wednesday. This is where guys can go to get some advice in the areas of style,grooming and drinking. I for one can’t wait for it! I hope you will check it out.

I hope you will check out the build a box service and let me know what you think?

  • denotes that this is a sponsored post. Even though I have been given the product by a brand/company all opinions are my own and in no way swayed by the company in question.

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