My Happy Place #MindYourself

We all have a happy place don’t we? I’m sure you do because I definitely do! For their ‘Mind Yourself’ campaign, asked me to discuss my happy place. Being a male fashion blogger, I can only assume that people would think that my happy place is a shopping centre filled with all my favourite shops. Well anyone who knows me would know that is wrong. I won’t lie I love shopping, but there is another place that makes me very happy.. 

Here it is

happy place

Yes, it is a football pitch. Whether it is watching or playing football, I often find that it helps me unwind and kill an hour or so to kick the stress away. I find that there is nothing better than having a kick about with your friends and having a laugh with them at the same time. There is a lot of information out there at the moment saying that exercise has a big part to play in maintaining good mental health. Well, I definitely think that I feel better after running around a pitch. I find for me anyway, that watching football is just as therapeutic. Obviously a good result in the match helps, but I find that whether I am going to Anfield to watch my beloved Liverpool or to the Aviva to watch the boys in green I feel excited knowing I am going to spend time doing what I love the most. It is something you can do with anyone!

I have so many memories from both playing and watching. Whether it be the goals that my friends and I have scored or the times someone missed an open goal and we all laughed about it for ages. Same goes for all those trips I have made to the Aviva or Anfield. I can remember my first trip, my favourite match, bringing my kids to their first match at Anfield. The excitement is still there every time I go and I don’t think it will ever go away because it makes me happy!

The result at the end of the match doesn’t always matter because I am automatically planning my next trip to another game so that I will be back in my happy place.

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