Bioline 24/7 Facial- Review*

I was recently asked by the lovely ladies at Aura Waterford to give their Bioline 24/7 facial a try. My fianceé has always spoken highly of Bioline products and facials and of the help that Maria, Emma and other staff members had given her, so I knew I was in good hands. I have never had a facial before this one so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I have always believed in having a good skincare regime, regardless of how simple or complicated it is. I know some people have facials regularly as part of their regime or if they were preparing for a big event i.e. weddings, debs etc. I wanted to see would I make this a regular part of my skincare routine or just a treat before a nice event.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Maria the owner of Aura with a warm smile and friendly welcome. Maria definitely made me feel at home right from the start. I was asked to fill out a questionnaire before the facial just to see if I was on any medication, my skin type, any problems with my skin, products I use etc. This is to ensure that the right products are used for my skin and that the right products are recommended for my skin after the facial.

Once that was finished, I went into the room where I would have my facial. Before the facial started I was asked to remove my clothing from my upper body as there is some massaging around the neck and shoulders. I was then covered by a heated blanket while relaxing music was playing in the background. It was so relaxing and that was before the facial even started!


The facial started with some aqua floral water being applied to cleanse the skin. This is a micellular water and for all my female readers this is apparently a great make-up remover. An aqua fruit toner is sprayed onto the skin. This is used to tone and tighten the pores after cleansing. Maria then applied a Duo Gommage, which is applied like a mask and is then exfoliated in gentle circular motions.

Maria then shone a bright light onto my skin to see if my pores were congested on any part of my face. There was some congestion on the top part of my forehead and around the t-zone. The congested pores were then extracted and a help equilibrium was applied to rebalance the pH of my skin. A vitamin C+E nectar(serum) was then applied and a Bioline caresse massage of my face, neck and shoulders followed.

Finally, an O2 mineral mask was applied and left for 15mins. I was left to relax under the heated blanket with the music still playing in the background. I was so relaxed that I apparently fell asleep! I still don’t believe Maria. However, my fiance has told me that she’s fallen asleep on several occasions. The mineral mask was removed with warm mitts, I loved the warm feeling against my face, it a great sensation. A mineral Vitamin C+E  cream was then applied at the end of the facial.


After the facial, I was given a recommendation of what products would work best with my skin and what time of day to use the best products. This is a great service and it shows that the girls really believe in the products they use in the salon.


What did I think of this facial? As you could tell throughout the post that is was a really relaxing experience. Did I notice any difference to my skin afterwards? Yes, I definitely noticed a glow on my skin afterwards and it remained in good condition for days afterwards with my regular skincare regime. Would I use this facial as part of my regular skincare regime? I wouldn’t use a facial as part of my regular skincare regime, but I would definitely use it in preparation for an important event such as a wedding. If you work in a stressful environment, I would recommend this as a method of relaxing and as a way of looking after your skin. It also makes a great gift for a loved one. I would also recommend this facial for clean shaven guys more so than bearded men like myself. If you have a beard, don’t let that stop you as I still felt the benefits of the facial.


I would like to thank the girls at Aura Waterford for the opportunity to try out the 24/7 facial and if you would like to find out more about the facial or any of the other services they offer you can contact them on 051-850746 or check out their Facebook page here.

*I was given the opportunity to try out the 24/7 facial and in return, I was asked to write a blog post reviewing the facial. All opinions are my own and not those of Aura Waterford or Bioline.

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