The Thursday Tipple: The Crafty Brewing Co.

Welcome to the newest section of Dapper Dave Cash, The Thursday Tipple. I have always enjoyed trying new drinks, whether it be a well-packaged bottle on an off-licence shelf or whilst on my travels. It is because of this fondness for trying new things is where the idea for the Thursday Tipple came from. I consider myself an honest reviewer, so I can’t wait to recommend some fantastic beverages, but I won’t be shy in telling you when I think you should steer clear.

Now that dry January is over, I thought it was only right to launch the Thursday Tipple now. First up is the red ale from the Crafty Brewing Co. I chose this as my first Thursday Tipple because I was drawn to the quirky packaging. The moustache design is a personal favourite of mine on many other items, so I thought it was the perfect tipple, to begin with.


The Crafty Brewing Co. is brewed by Rye River Brewing in Co. Kildare and sold exclusively in Lidl stores across Ireland. The Red Ale that I tried is described as “A shrewd old fashioned Irish Red Ale, Sweet and Hoppy”. My first impressions of this ale were that it was definitely hoppy. It was also quite similar to many of the well-known Red Ale’s that are already on the market. It was a very smooth drink but lacked some of the sweetness that was described on the packaging. The consistency of this ale was good as the flavour remained constant when I was drinking it.

Each bottle has a flavour scale on the back of each bottle. It claimed, that the red ale was right in the middle of the scale between sweet and bitter. To be honest, I thought it more on the bitter side, but only just. It is advised to serve this drink chilled. I didn’t follow this, as I prefer ales at room temperature. I know the next time I will try it chilled to see if there is much of a difference.

Now to the ratings. Each drink that will be reviewed will be scored on the following areas. These are price, taste, packaging and availability.

Price: 10/10 this beer is very much in line with its competitors at €2.29

Taste:8/10 very smooth and consistent from the first to the last drop. The only fault I found was that was that it wasn’t as sweet as it said on the bottle.

Packaging: 10/10 very plain and simple, with a touch of quirkiness to make it stand out.I always find simple packaging allow the products to do the talking.

Availability: 7/10 this beer is only available in Lidl as it was created especially for them. I always find going into Lidl for one or two items a nuisance due to the long queues. That is why I have marked it down. It scores highly because of the 146 Lidl stores nationwide.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of The Thursday Tipple. If you guys have any suggestions of drinks that I should try let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media channels. Always remember to drink responsibly.

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