Impeccabile dressing with Canali 

When working with brands/clients in blogging, It’s always best to work with one that shares the same values as your own. When I was approached recently to write about Canali’s online collection, I wondered what did a high-end Italian tailoring brand and Dapper Dave Cash in common? Then it clicked with me, Canali’s Impeccabile collection is where our values match. 

As I travel quite a bit for blogging related events, I find it nearly impossible to avoid creases or worst case scenario stains. When I came across the Impeccabile collection on the Canali website and saw the type of fabric used to create it, I knew our values were on the same page.

Canali’s Impeccabile collection is designed for the modern traveller by providing water and stain resistant, wrinkle free clothes while maintaining a refined look. The fabrics undergo an eco-friendly treatment that allows them to maintain their natural flexibility and breathability while being water and stain resistant at the same time. The creases are prevented by using natural body heat to keep the clothes wrinkle free.

My favourite pieces from the collection are the Navy Blue windowpane check suit as it is the most versatile suit in the collection. I would pair it with the light blue micro dot shirt to keep a classic tonal look that doesn’t look out of place in the boardroom. Pair this outfit with a pair of brown brogues and a navy knitted tie to keep the tonal look in place.

These are just a small selection of what the Impeccabile collection has to offer. You can visit the website to check out the complete wrinkle free clothes collection and the entire Canali online shop. I’d like to thank canali for choosing me for this sponsored collaboration.

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