Remington vacuum beard and grooming kit review

For any bearded men out there, regardless whether it is a long beard or a very short one, a good beard trimmer is an essential. When the girls at Revolve PR asked me to review the Remington vacuum beard & grooming kit, I jumped at the chance to see what this innovative trimmer was like. 

What attracted me to the Remington vacuum beard and grooming kit was the fact it contained a vacuum which sucked in the hairs as you trimmed your facial hair. There has been constant arguments over hairs left in the sink after shaving in my house, so I hoped this would put a stop to it. My initial impressions of the vacuum beard and grooming kit were good. I found it a lot bigger in size compared to other grooming kits in the market and ones I have used myself. I thought the number of added attachments was a big bonus as it can be quite costly if you had 3-4 different appliances for a number of different functions. It also comes with it’s own case which is handy for travelling.

Now, after hearing everything about it from the press release, I was very confident in this product that I was tempted not to use this at the sink because it sucks up all the hairs when trimming. Thankfully I thought better of it as my first experience wasn’t a good one. As there was quite an amount of hair in the sink. I had discovered this was caused by a big clump of hair being stuck in the vacuum. Obviously I was very ambitious with how short I wanted to trim my beard, but I always said that I would give my beard a few trims with it to make sure I can judge it properly.

The next few attempts were a bigger success. While it doesn’t vacuum every hair, it leaves minimal mess which is easy to clean. The vacuum chamber is very easy to remove and empty. It’s also very easy to clean, as a little drop of water will remove any hairs stuck to it. The blade just requires a quick brush after use and is good to go again.

As I said the mess is minimal

The rest of it is kept in the vacuum chamber

I also used the kit to test it out on someone else, the brother was the happy volunteer and here are the the before and after pics of his beard trim. He was happy with the result.



Overall I’d give it an 8/10. The reason for this is because overall it very good, has a good battery life and only requires a short charge. The negatives where that is does leave a few hairs still in the sink and while it may not happen to everyone the experience I had the first time I used it wasn’t a good one, so a mark was lost for that.

Remingtons vacuum beard and grooming kit is an ideal gift for any man who has a fully fledged beard or even for those who like to leave a bit of stubble and with Father’s Day soon approaching it this may be something your Dad would like. It is available in any good electronic stores.

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