The Thursday Tipple: Celia Czech Lager

It’s been a while, but welcome back to The Thursday Tipple. This edition comes to you from the Czech Republic, the guys at CCD PR who kindly asked me to review two gluten-free beers from the Celia Lager range. I had never heard of Celia before I was sent these samples so I will quickly tell you about the brand in a nutshell. 

CELIA is a gluten, free lager made in the cellars of a 14th Czech castle. It is then openly fermented for 14 days to ensure it is less carbonated than your average lager, giving it a lighter body. It comes in two variations; Organic which is light and refreshing with delicate citrus undertones and Dark which has a richer body with nutty undertones. The beer is made from 100% Saaz hops.
  Celia Organic Light

Credit: the beer nut

The first one I tasted was the Organic light beer. It claims to have a clean spicy aroma, that’s light tasting. It was definitely light tasting, but I thought it was lacking in the spicy aroma it claimed to have. I found it to be sweet tasting. It was a rich golden colour, but also had a lack of head on the beer. It provided a thin layer that evaporated quickly, I am assuming this is due to the natural carbonation. Its strength is 4.7% so it would be on a par with most beers on the market.
Price: 10/10 €3.49 it’s priced similarly to most gluten-free beers on the market, but still cheaper than a lot of its rivals. This priced was sourced from
Taste: 7/10 definitely light with a clean taste, but when it lacked the spice it claimed I had to take away a few points.
Packaging: 9/10 very simple, light in colour to compliment the fact that it’s a light beer. I always find simplicity is key when it comes to packaging.
Availability: 8/10 while Celia is working on promoting its name in Ireland, it doesn’t feature in many mainstream pubs across the country. It is available online and in quite a few pubs/off licences in Ireland, find yours here.
Now to the second beer
Celia Dark
Celia Dark is definitely a new one for me as I found it strange to see a dark gluten-free beer. At 5.7% it would be on the higher strength category. Celia dark is described as:
CELIA Dark is densely black with an almost ruby red hue and a distinctive coffee like aroma with slightly nutty and rye bread undertones.  It is thick and chewy on the palate with a big toasted malt character.
This description is pretty accurate as I did find it had a very chewy aftertaste. This is because it is made from Bavarian Toffee Malt. Again a very thin layer of froth appeared and quickly evaporated after pouring, but like I said earlier this is more than likely due to the natural carbonation as I said, earlier.
Price: 9/10 €3.55 like its light beer compatriot in the same price range, but cheaper than a lot of others on the market. Price found on
Taste: 10/10 it was exactly as I described and I cannot fault it.
Packaging: 9/10 very similar to the light beer only the opposite colour scheme.
Availability: 8/10 Available online and as wherever stocks Celia beer.
My favourite of the two was definitely the dark beer as it was something different from the norm.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Thursday Tipple. If you guys have any suggestions of drinks that I should try let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media channels. Always remember to drink responsibly.

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*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and not those of the brand

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