Murdock Festive Hangover survival guide

It’s less than 10 days til Christmas, it’s also Friday, so that means you’re either heading to your Christmas party or planning your festive activities for the coming season. I’ve teamed with Murdock London to give you some tips to help you survive this festive season. Stay Hydrated:

When you’re in the party mood you’re less likely to take a break by having a coke or water in between your pints or G&T, but what you can do is have a pint of water at the bedside for when you get home that night. It will help keep you hydrated for the following morning and combine that with a few pain killers it will help ease the hangover.

A Clean Shave:

What better to knock the tiredness out of you than a nice clean shave. I know that’s something you wouldn’t hear from a bearded blogger, but when I have clean shaven there was no better feeling! Take some time to do it the old fashioned way with the brush and soap to give your tired face a nice lift.

If you don’t feel up to it yourself then pop down to your local barber for a treat or if you live near one, why not pop into your nearest Murdocks and let them look after you.

Ice cold Eye Cream:

If you’re a lover of eye creams then here is a tip for you. Before you go out that night pop your favourite eye cream into the fridge. Not only will it help soothe the puffiness in your eyes, but the cold feeling from the eye cream being in the fridge will be a welcome relief to your tired eyes. If you don’t any eye creams then Murdock have one that you might be interested in trying.

The hair of the dog:

Finally if all else fails, the hair of the dog might be your final call. While I wouldn’t recommend going straight for the whiskey that morning, a Bloody Mary seems to be port of call to get you going again that morning. If you can’t face the thought of going out for one here is a recipe for one you can make at home.

30ml Silent Pool Gin

120ml Turner & Hardy

15ml lemon juice

7 drops Tabasco hot sauce

4 dashes Worcestershire sauce

2 pinches celery salt

2 grinds black pepper

Obviously you can use similar products to these if you don’t have the exact ones listed.

I hope this guide was of help to you and hopefully it will see you through the festive period. Stay safe and drink responsibly.

* Disclaimer

I put together this guide in exchange for Murdock London products.

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