Welcome Williot!

Given that most cities in Ireland are seeing an upturn in business, stores are expanding and new ones are opening which is always good to see. The Spanish label Williot, has recently opened their first store in Ireland in Merchants Quay shopping centre in Cork. This is all thanks to Brian and Ellie who acquired the master franchise for Ireland. Brian was given the idea by Ellie to open the store, as he would always stock up on Williot clothing whenever he went to Spain, which apparently was quite a lot!

I recently got to catch up with Brian and Ellie at the customer evening for the Williot Store in Merchants Quay, shopping centre. Who told me all about the brand and showed me the current collection that they had in store at present.

The brand is based on the history of the Antón family in Spain who were well-known shoemakers in Elche, whose quality has been introduced into their clothing. Elegance is part of the Antón family DNA. The clothes have a very British feel to them, even if everything is made in Spain, which is something they are very proud of. The logo is also very important to their identity as the family were also well-known for dog breeding, many of which were world champion dogs. Brian told me all the fittings for the store come from Spain, so as mentioned already their Spanish identity is very important to them and completely embedded in their roots.

Having looked at the collection on offer. I feel it is definitely a brand I like the look of. From statement blazers and shoes to quality knitwear and shirts. I feel there is something for everyone at affordable prices especially with the quality materials they are made from. Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye when I visited the store.

After seeing those quality items and knowing the history of the company involves dogs, I’m definitely sold on it and I am glad that the first Williot store in Ireland has opened in Cork. Firstly, I want to thank Brian and Ellie for their gift of a Williot watch, I also added to my ever extending pocket square collection that night with this tan and navy polka dot pocket square.

There is currently 20% off everything in store as part of their January sale and the discount is also available on williot.ie with the code JAN20. Have you visited Williot yet? If so, what did you think of it?


* Disclaimer: I decided to write this post having been impressed by what I saw on the customer evening and I always try and support local businesses where possible. I have not been influenced by receiving the gift of the watch.

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