Welcome to Dapper Dave Cash!

My name is David Cashman. I am the author and founder of the blog Dapper Dave Cash. I have started this blog as my way of making a name for myself in the fashion world. I’m a 28-year-old male currently working as a Healthcare Assistant in Cork, Ireland. My love of all things fashion and style really took off when the year I repeated my leaving cert. There was no uniform in the school and it really allowed to express myself through what I wore. My mum has always been a big influence in my style as she has always had an interest in all things style related and wasn’t shy in giving her opinion on what I wore. If she hated it then I knew it must have been awful! Like any Irish man interested in fashion, I did get stick from my friends and peers about what I wore. It backfired on them though when they ask where I got my blazer, shirt etc.

As a result of this and a positive nudge in the right direction from my wife Sandra, I started Dapper Dave Cash as my creative outlet to give my opinion on all the latest fashion trends and men whose style I really admire. My own style would be described as Dapper ( hence the name) but really it is dependent on the occasion. Smart casual tends to be my go to outfits, but I love nothing more than suiting up or wearing my fave blazer and chinos with a good pair of smart shoes.

I’m always open to collaborations with PR’s/Brands who fit the profile of my blog, if you are interested in working with me please contact me at [email protected]


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