Get the Look: Idris Elba

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We are always told if you feel inspired, strike while the iron is hot!! Well this post couldn’t be more true to that saying. I was scrolling through GQ’s most stylish men of the week section this afternoon when I came across this picture of Idris Elba.

.Idris Elba

I have always been a big fan of Idris’s style as he tends to look good whether he is suited and booted or running down to the corner shop for a pint of milk. In the picture shown he is attending the Mandela, My Dad and Me premiere.

I really love the nautical pieces in this outfit. The breton stripe jumper is a wardrobe staple and can be paired with almost anything. Its perfect for summer as it is great paired with chinos or shorts for a nice summer time look that is both smart and casual. Pair this with a white t-shirt or polo shirt underneath to keep it smart and simple.This breton beauty from Topman is priced at £32.

Idris elba2

According to the River Island website this trench coat is a MUST HAVE! I couldn’t agree more as once again is a classic piece that goes with almost anything and can smarten up the most casual of outfits! The navy colour is very versatile and can be paired with most colours. The coat retails at €95.

idris elba1

Yet again Idris ticks another wardrobe stable box with the tailored black trousers. As mentioned earlier this can be paired with almost anything, making it very versatile. I have always been a fan of trousers from Next. They are always very affordable and of fantastic quality. This pair for €31 are very affordable and wont make a huge hole in your wallet.

Idris Elba4

Finally we reach the final piece of the jigsaw. These Black leather trainers from Topman are almost identical to the pair Idris is wearing at the premiere. Again these wont put a huge dent in your bank account £45 and are very on point. They add a nice finishing touch to this smart casual outfit.

Idris Elba3

Hope you enjoyed this post and happy shopping if you plan on buying the outfit or just some of the pieces from it! Feel free to leave feedback and anything you would like to see in future posts!


Jamie Dornan: Fifty Shades of Fashion

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Well it finally arrived, the most anticipated movie of the year Fifty Shades of Grey is here. Now, not that I will be in the queue to watch it, but I found that it would be a good opportunity to look into leading man Jamie Dornan’s fashion past.

Having recently looked at a style file on Jamie on Vogue magazines online site, I found that he has worn some nice outfits, but he has broke many style rules along the way. A lot of the items he wore were baggy, oversized, too long, trousers dragging under shoes etc. This appalled me for a number of reasons.

1. For a guy who had Keira Knightley as his significant other for a number of years. He seriously needed to up his game!
2. Seeing as Jamie is a male model, he would have been given numerous items of clothing that fit him perfectly. This would have given him a better understanding regarding fits and styles. Bet then again I can assume not every model is into fashion.
3. There is no point in working hard for a model physique, if you are not going to compliment it by wearing clothes that fit you properly.

He obviously suffered from the age old complex that still exists in many Irish men. This is that they have to buy clothes that are too big for them.
Yes even I was guilty at one time, but I would rather forget that time period!
Thankfully I was steered in the right direction.

Here are a few examples of what I meant.

jd1 jd2 jd3 jd4 jd5 jd6

However, everyone has a chance to redeem themselves in every aspect of life. Jamie has redeemed himself in my eyes having recently made my best dressed list at many recent award ceremonies. He has upped his style game by wearing properly fitted suits to compliment his model physique.

Here are some examples of Jamie’s recent reform.

jd7 jd8 jd9 jd10 jd11 jd12

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this and for those of you going to the movie I hope that you enjoy that also.
Feel free to leave feedback and check out my other posts.


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Style Icon: Eddie Redmayne

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This post has been in the making for a while but having seen The Theory of Everything recently, I felt that the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I will be honest, I first saw Eddie on GQ magazine years ago and I didn’t have a clue who he was!! I became more and more familiar with Eddie as my magazine collection grew larger and having seen Eddie feature regularly on GQ’s weekly best dressed list (He once featured 4 times in the one week!!) it became quite clear to me that he is one of the most stylish guys around. He makes everything look stylish and effortless. Everything he wears always seems to look good on him, whether it is a red carpet event or just popping down to the shops.

The ability to dress like this has obviously paid off as Eddie has recently been named GQ’s Best Dressed Man for 2015 beating off stiff competition from other stylish men such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Tinie Tempah, David Beckham and even Prince George!! It came as no surprise to me that he won when as mentioned earlier he features regularly on their weekly best dressed list. Now that his star has risen even more due to the recent success of his latest movie The Theory of Everything, he is definitely going to have bring his A-game on a regular basis.

Here are some of Eddies finer style moments


Get The Look

Seeing as Eddie is pictured regularly all suited and booted, I thought it would be best to offer you a chance to copy both a smart and a casual look from the best dress man of 2015 so far.



Here is Eddie in a beautiful blue tartan suit from one of the many premieres that he attended for his recent movie The Theory of Everything. Tartan is a trend that looks to be going nowhere any time soon.



Here is Eddie at Wimbledon looking relaxed in his casual wear and here are some picks to help you nail this look.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully Eddie gets the Best actor award at the Oscars that he thoroughly deserves!! Please feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think.