Bitten by the Bulldog!

Hi guys!

Just to start the post off, firstly I haven’t been bitten by an actual bulldog and secondly this isn’t a sponsored post. I have bought the products myself after reading about them in various magazines such as GQ, Esquire etc so I had an interest in trying them out.

Around the end of June, I started using Bulldog skin care products as I had heard a lot about them through various outlets such as bloggers, magazines etc. So when I was going through my local Tesco one day I saw that these particular products were on special offer. (more…)

Primark No1 for men fragrance: Product Review

Hi Guys,

During a recent shopping trip to Dublin, I made my usual stop to Penneys on Mary street. I consider it the Mecca of Penneys in Ireland. I always end up picking something up, but I don’t think you can go into Penneys without doing so!

One of the many items I picked up was the new mens fragrance No.1 for men. I had seen picture of the bottle on Instagram and on so when I saw it for €9, I thought why not and said it was worth a try.

As you can see the tag line is confident, deep, bold. That is a great line to sell a product with! Very masculine and strongly worded. With the notes given off by this product as seen in the picture, it is a masculine scent but nice and light for the summer. Unfortunately it was too light for me. I felt that the scent didn’t last for as long as I would have liked. I felt that I could only smell it when I applied it. I was disappointed by this to say the least.

Overall I will give it a 6/10. While it didn’t work for me it may work well for someone else as the acidity of the fragrance my suit their skin type. The bottle had a nice shape to it and you are getting 100ml for €9 so it’s not going to hit your pocket hard! It’s available in Penneys/Primark stores worldwide.

There are more fragrances on offer from Penneys so look out for future reviews.

Hope you like this post and feel free to leave feedback.